Uniforms & Meals


We have a uniform which is comfortable to wear, appropriate for activities and convenient for parents. Our uniform is available online from Your School Uniform

Black Sweatshirt or Cardigan MUST HAVE the school logo on. White polo shirt and black shoes. 

Grey skirt or Pinafore or Trousers. Red or grey tights/socks.

 Summer Uniform: Grey shorts, red and white gingham summer dresses.

PE Uniform:  White t shirt, black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms. Black pumps or black plain trainers. In colder weather a black (plain, none logo) track suit is recommended for outdoor lessons. 

School uniform - Footwear

It has been brought to our attention by several members of staff that a significant number of pupils have returned to school in footwear that is not in line with the school policy.

We have taken into consideration that some families are experiencing financial difficulties in these very trying times. With this in mind we felt it fair that families may want children to have 1 pair of shoes that they are able to wear in and out of school. We have also communicated with local Secondary schools to inform our decision.

The behaviour team have taken the time to review the school uniform policy and it has now been decided that the following footwear is deemed appropriate for school.

Examples of allowed footwear:

*All black leather, black sole, no obvious symbols/text)

Examples of footwear not allowed:


To remain in line with school uniform, can we remind everyone that Only one pair of small stud earrings are permitted for pierced ears if absolutely necessary.

Second-hand Uniform Provision 

As a school, we ensure second-hand uniforms are available to purchase through termly sales. To ensure that all parents and carers are able to provide the required uniform second-hand uniforms will be made available by the school. 

Kings Rise Academy encourages parents and carers to wash uniforms that are outgrown and donate them to school.  Mrs Brookes (Pastoral Manager) and the PTFA will advertise when uniform termly sales are available for parents to purchase second- hand uniforms.

Here are the current dates for when second-hand uniforms are available to be purchased. 

20/9/23 - 2 - 3pm

17/01/24 - 2 -3pm

17/04/24 - 2 -3pm

10/07/24 - 2 - 3pm